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    Fuel Filtration and Water Separation

      Clean, filtered liquids increases the economy and prolongs the service life of your machinery

      All engines need clean fuel, oil and water for optimum performance and operational life. Without filtration, damaging particles become part of the fuel, coolant or lubricant flows, causing wear and surface damage that increases maintenance costs and reduce component life.

      Moore Management offer a range of solutions to maintain the quality of fuels, oils and coolants for all your vehicles; from dozers to dump trucks, locomotives to maintenance craft.

      Our filtration and separation options include:

      • A stainless steel coalescer fir diesel filtration, available in vertical and horizontal mounts
      • Remote lube filtering with rapid replace filters, for all viscosities, at lube hose reel racks
      • Custom designed and built stationary and portable oil/water separators

      We’ll work with you to create the optimum systems for your situation so that you’ll enjoy the benefits of the best available quality diesel, oil, lubricant or coolant water.

      Fuel Filtration
      A high capacity coalescer.

      Fuel Filtration
      Multiple filters.
      Fuel Filtration
      Filters to suit different viscosities.
      Fuel Filtration
      Portable oil separators for smaller operations.


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