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    In Situ Tank Decommissioning and Void Filling

      Alternate solutions to tank removal

      When a tank can’t be removed, in situ decommissioning is the answer.

      The preferred option is always to remove decommissioned underground storage tanks (UST) and remediate the surrounding land as required by relevant regulatory bodies. However, there are occasions when removing a tank could risk the integrity of a nearby building or increase the risk of failure of other tanks in an underground tank farm.

      In these situations, we decommission and abandon these tanks in situ. The process involves filling the tank with a non toxic polyurethane foam that displaces any remaining hydrocarbons and creates an inert body for later removal. You can be assured that all legal requirements will be met, and industry best practice followed.
      We are proud to use an Australian made product that contains no ozone depleting chemicals or toxic formalahyde. Many countries including EU countries and the USA, have banned the use of formaldehyde-based products historically used for these activities

      You hear of filling tanks with water or concrete slurry. Neither of these practices is recommended. Using water can encourage ongoing hydrocarbon leaks and concrete infill creates a larger, and certainly heavier problem if the tanks ever need to be removed.

      Void Filling using Foam

      In difficult access situations, filling of voids using polyurethane foam is the answer. The application is fast, and the foam formulation can be adjusted to provide differing levels of compressive strength to suit the application.
      Void filling foam is ideal in other applications requiring stable buoyancy such as sand dredging pontoons, refuelling pontoons and even swimming platforms.

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      Equipment is portable and allows easy access to all sites.

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      Foam can be used as a sacrificial formwork for concrete slabs, and is ideal for all void filling.

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      Foam is easily injected into a tank top fitting.

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      And another tank successfully foam filled!!

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      Pump flotation pontoons at mine sites.

      In Situ Tank Decommissioning
      A sand dredge pontoon under construction.

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