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    Contaminated Site Remediation, Treatment and Disposal

      Increasing site value though effective environmental remediation

      Moore Management has extensive experience in site remediation involving a broad range of contaminants.
      Typically, site contamination is the result of chemical or hydrocarbon spills, however some of the more unusual sites we have remediated include:

      • Sheep dips
      • A waste battery dump
      • An abandoned firing range

      Whatever your situation, we’ll do a full site assessment to determine the most correct and cost effective method of remediation.

      Remediation methods range from removing contaminated soil and disposing of it at a landfill site licensed to accept such material to land farming. In a land farming system the contaminated soil stays on site and is regularly turned to allow aeration and evaporation of hydrocarbons. Moore Management have constructed on-site landfills up to 11,000 m2 to safely secure and dissipate contaminants.

      Designing a site specific remediation plan
      Contaminated site remediation may involve any or all of the following factors:

      • Air quality
      • Noise
      • Surface water
      • Soil quality
      • Groundwater management
      • Flora and fauna
      • Heritage

      Every site remediation plan is designed to achieve a specific result, depending on the intended land use. A future kindergarten site (sensitive land use) will have a different remediation requirement than a truck workshop (no sensitive land use).

      Contaminated Site Remediation
      This is as bad as it gets.

      Contaminated Site Remediation
      The contamination seeps into the surrounding environment.
      Contaminated Site Remediation
      Correct removal involves excavating down below the contamination, removing the soil for disposal and re filling the hole left behind with clean soil.


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