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    Chemical Storage and Handling Systems

      Knowledge and experience is the formula for safe, compliant chemical handling

      Although appearing to be of a similar nature to petroleum product systems, the storage and handling of chemicals and materials used in the making of pharmaceuticals is subject to very different rules and regulations.
      New regulations and handling advice can be found at the GHS International web site as well as referring to the Work Health and Safety Act. 2011. Much of the Federal legislation content carries the following warning—“Some provisions of this legislation are not in operation”.

      We understand the special requirements for the design and construction of handling and storage systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We also have extensive experience in producing systems that are compliant with all applicable legislation.

      When designing for pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers, many designers and builders do not see the connection with flammable or dangerous products and compliance as volumes are normally below minor storage limits as they are often decanted for use laboratories or work rooms. However, tyhis can happen multiple times and consequently minor storage limits are often exceeded.

      We will work with you to analyse your processes and workflows and design systems that are full compliant and contribute to a safer working environment.

      EXAMPLE: Fire in the winery blending area
      Wineries fall under the chemicals category, however they can sometimes slip under the compliance radar. A rare, but catastrophic event is a fire in the blending area caused by an inappropriate method of storing ethanol, a major component used in wine and spirit making. Ethanol is a Class 3 Flammable product that requires compliance in the design and construction of its storage and handling systems.

      A Plant Audit can be a sound investment
      Areas such as your Dangerous Goods store may appear compliant, however facilities, processes and regulations change over time. Similarly, other chemicals recognised as noxious toxic or carcinogenic must be stored and handled in systems that are appropriate and compliant.

      Minimise risk by conducting a Moore Management plant audit to ensure all your hardware, systems and processes are fully compliant.

      Construction of an Ethylene Oxide Scrubber.
      Construction of an Ammonia production facility in Regional NSW.

      Hazardous areas within laboratories.
      Ethanol storage at wineries.


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